Blue Yoga is a collective of yoga teachers, mothers, artists and friends.  As a collective we support each other and our clients, offering a range of classes in a variety beautiful community spaces.  As individuals, we each add our own unique flair to the Georgian Triangle yoga community.

Laura and Signy are both teachers and bring their love and knowledge of yoga into their classrooms and the larger school community.  Lise offers her students a fun and dynamic approach to Hatha yoga, adding Thai Massage and many hands on adjustments.  Keri, who is also a Registered Massage Therapist, offers a strong but easy going class which reflects her calm and grounded personality.  Leah has the ability to move from teaching a Hot Buddha Flow class to a gentle Hatha Stretch with ease and grace.

The strength of our collective is in our diversity.  Each one of us has studied a different tradition of yoga philosophy but our shared love of the practice keeps us cohesive.  Our class schedule runs from September to June and will expand as we settle into our fall routines.

We look forward to seeing you in class.
Signy, Laura, Lise, Keri and Leah